Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I Don't Need an IPOD

I started collecting records in 1964 at the time the Beatles came to America.  In the late 1970s I started to collect 8-track tapes and then cassette tapes.  I have plenty of  cassettes of  recording artists plus several hundred radio tapes.  Many of these tapes I made by recording New York Radio stations over the years.  Other tapes I received through trades with other collectors.  In fact last June on the WABC Rewound Cruise I met Rob Frankel who restores tapes to be played each Memorial Day on the Rewound broadcast.  He was impressed by my collection of radio tapes from cities all over the country with different music and talk formats.  I stopped making tapes a few years ago since there is homogenization of radio format and because I can get most radio stations over the Internet.  I still have a cassette walkman like the one in the photo above..  Twice a month I take it to listen to and from work on the trains.  Today I listened to a tape of Barry Scott's Lost 45s from 1996 which was then heard on WBMX Boston. Today the show is heard Sunday nights on WODS Boston which I can get online.  Twice a month I take my personal CD Player/Radio instead of reading on the trains.  I must be one of the only people without an IPOD.  It would take me forever to digitize all my music and transfer it to an IPOD.

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Anonymous said...

If you have one of these walkman and you ever want to get rid of it, please don't hesitate to contact me!

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