Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fiddler on the Roof on Father's Day

I always like to look through the local Queens newspapers to find unique events that are reasonably priced.  We can't go to movies and ball games all the time.  I found out about  Theatre by the Bay, a community theatre group of the Bay Terrace Jewish Center located only 10 minutes away.  During June this group produced Fidler on the Roof which originally appeared on the Broadway stage in the 60s.  The performance was very good, but obviously not the same quality as the original Broadway show.  The music was recorded while the sets were very simple.  We enjoyed it.

On the way home I stopped for gas at an Exxon Station and had to pay $4.40/gallon.  Thankfully, I don't have to drive to work.  When we got home we were able to catch the last 4 innings of the Mets doubleheader against Texas.  The won the nightcap 4-2 after losing the first game 8-7.

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Anonymous said...

Bruce, sounds like you had a better Fathers Day than I--my first one, btw.  We went to the horse races in the afternoon and of course, I lost.  But I wasn't upset because I still had my Celtics to look forward to.  ARGH!  Hopefully they take care of business at home on Tuesday.  ANYWAY, happy belated Fathers Day!

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