Monday, June 23, 2008

Leaving for Cleveland Tomorrow

We are leaving tomorrow morning from Laguardia Airport to visit Cleveland mainly to see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  We did this trip in 1998, but obviously museums do change over time. Last year when we were on the Jay Buckley Baseball Tour we saw a Cleveland Indians game, but did not have time to stop at the Rock Hall. I am eager to get away from the work and commuting grind.  In this "information age" people even check their work e-mail when they are vacation.  I even know someone who did that when she went to Greece.  The NJIT Library  will be there next Monday.  Most hotels now offer wireless internet access, but I don't have a laptop computer.  Perhaps this hotel will have a small computer lab, but maybe I should keep away.  I guess I should also take a vacation from the radio message boards.  I will take my personal stereo to check out the radio stations in Cleveland.  I used to make airchecks when I visited a city, but now most radio stations stream.  I will take a pa of paper and will make notes for my journal entries of the trip.  I will return on Friday.

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