Saturday, June 14, 2008

Spotlight on WBGO

Some of the best radio programming is at the left of the FM dial which is devoting to non-commercial statements.  I believe that NYC lost its last commercial jazz station in the early 1980s when WRVR became WKHK (country) and later WLTW.  WBGO  started in 1979 as the radio station of the Newark Board of Education.  Shortly after that it became a traditional jazz station as opposed to CD101.9 which played smooth jazz until February 2008 when it changed format.  I am not an expert on jazz music, but I listen as a change of pace.  My NJIT colleague Joe says that other non-commerical jazz stations have a much broader playlist.  Right now I am listening to Felix's Hernandez's Rhythm Revue, a specialty show, which plays classic soul music.  I usually listen to WBGO at home over the Internet since the reception in Queens is spotty.  Their studios and transitter is in Newark within walking distance of NJIT.

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