Saturday, June 28, 2008

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - Baseball Rocks and More


When we entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame we were told that photographs were not allowed since the artificacts were donated with the condition that they not be photographs so I could only take pictures outside.  We first went to the Ahmet M. Ertegun Main Exhibit Hall on the lower level where we first saw the Baseball Rocks exhibit.  You could press a button and hear Take Me Out to the Ball Game sung by Harry Carey and Terry Cashman's Talkin' Baseball among other baseball related songs.  The lower level was full of artifacts including clothing, original records, and musical instruments played by the musicians.  There were two short films called Mystery Train and Kick Out the Jams.  We spent most of our first day in this area.  Later on we moved up to the 5th floor to see a special exhibition featuring an exhibit about the filming of the Beatles' movie Help! in 1965.  There was also a Sirius Radio studio there where we saw Larry Morrow doing his show.  I was told many times that Norm N. Nite does his show there on Saturdays and Sundays.  Finally, we went up to the 6th floor with an exhibit called Break on Through:  The Lasting Legacy of the Doors.

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