Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Met Game was rained out tonight

Tonight was the first game in my 7-pack of tickets that include the last game to be played at Shea Stadium.  The weather forecast said showers, but nothing about a sustained rainfall.  Once we got to the stadium it started to rain.  Finally at 8:20 the game was called off.  We at least got 3 models of Shea Stadium.  I feel sorry for people who had to travel a long way.  I got home in time for the last hour of Saturday Night Oldies.


Anonymous said...

I remember twenty years ago that a rainout was not always a bad thing because you could either use your ticket to go to the make-up game or selected other games.  Whats great about the make-up game was you could be at the ball park for twelve hours and see two games for the price of one.  These days, they make sure there is at least an hour intersession between games so you only can see one game.  The game isn't about the fans anymore.

Anonymous said...

Bruce, what are your thoughts on Willie Randolph?  I am interested to know in which camp your flag flies.  After last year's finish and this year's beginning, I don't know how many chances he should be given.  You?  
Fortunately for him, the Yankees aren't exactly stealing the back page.  I can't believe it Fathers Day and I am sweating the Rays more than the Yankees.  I never thought I'd say this but thank God for JD Drew.
--Mazel Tov

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