Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Omar Minaya has no class

I woke up this morning and heard on the radio that Willie Randolph was fired as Mets manager.  The team has been mediocre all listen with about a .500 record with a $138 Million payroll.  You can't fire the team, so the manager gets the boot.  Why did general manager Omar Minaya fire Willie after he won two games in a row?  Why did he go out to Los Angeles to fire him at 3 AM New York time?  Omar made some very bad trades that have rarely been discussed in the media.  Over the past two years he traded pitchers Brian Bannister, Matt Lindstrom, Heath Bell, and Royce Ring and has absolutely nothing to show for it.  He is the one who offered multiyear and megamillion contracts to players who are not performing.  I think the Wilpons should have fired him.


Anonymous said...

I woke up this morning to read on your blog that Randolph was fired.  

I agree with your sentiments Bruce.  I think Minaya is also on the hot seat as well.  Some of his trades have worked out but like you said he gave up some really good talent and has gotten back mostly mediocre players.  Back to the firing though.  I am not too concerned that he did it after the Mets won a couple of games but that he did not do it while they were still at home.  Now Randolph, Peterson, and Nieto have go back home in shame.  Minaya said he had a lot of respect for Randolph but if he really did he would have let him go sooner.   Also, if you read over on ESPN, there were players on the team that did not find out about this until the press contacted them for comment.  

Minaya could have handled this in much better fashion but really are you shocked that he didn't?

Anonymous said...

Also, it looks like Randolph won't be coaching the NL All-Stars in Yankees stadium either.  He has to be crushed.

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