Monday, June 2, 2008

Extra!!! Extra!!! Bob Dylan is coming to Brooklyn in August

I got some unexpected good news today.  Bob Dylan's Never Ending Tour is coming to Brooklyn's Prospect Park on August 12th.  I am usually the first to know when these things will come up but I must be spending too much time on the radio message boards and not enough time on the Dylan folders. At 9:50 this morning I received and e-mail from my NJIT colleague Heather saying that she got a message from a Brooklyn blog stating that Dylan will be playing in Prospect Park in August.  It gave a link to the Tickemaster site which stated that the pre-sale starts at 10 AM today.  I went to the Bob Dylan website to get the password.  I wasted no time.  At 10:02 I bought the tickets.  Ticketmaster is ripoff at $12/ticket as a service charge, but what else can you do.  There is no other way to buy the tickets.  I have not been to that part of Brooklyn in many years.  Back in 1970-71 my fraternity at City College had a house at the corner of Flatbush Avenue and Parkside Avenue a few blocks away.  Now I really have something to look forward to.  The last time we saw Dylan was in November 2006 at the Nassau Colisseum.  He came to Jones Beach lat June but we already made arrangements for the baseball tour.  I will follow the set lists for the concerts earlier in August.

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