Thursday, May 1, 2008

Today's College Students Like Jimi Hendrix

As I was waiting on line for food at the NJIT cafeteria tonight I saw a student with a Jimi Hendrix sweatshirt.  About an hour later I see another student in the library wearing another Hendrix sweatshirt.  Do college kids like all classic rock or just Hendrix?  What NYC radio stations besides Q-104.3 play his music.  I still have two of his records that I bought in the late 1960s.  I remember that when he died in 1970 the campus newspaper at City College had a big article about him.  When the professor of my German class saw that, he asked "Who's Jimi Hendrix?"


Anonymous said...

Bruce, Jimi Hendrix was a pioneer for he was probably one of the first African Americans to play "progressive rock music." He wasn't a man to crank out hit songs. His performance at Woodstock and the setting fire to his guitar cemented his reputation as a rocker. The fact he opened for The Monkees, still amazes me.

I think many college students like classic rock and Hendrix fits into that catagory. Some discover the music on their own, while others grew up listening to it because their parents did. Incredible to see a young person enjoying music which was released 30+ years before they were born. Related....just announced, a sex tape of Hendrix was discovered. Big shock there. I'm waiting to hear Morrison, Jaggar and the rest have them as well.

Dave DuBrow
The Journal

Anonymous said...

"'scuze me while I kiss the sky." (or was it "kiss this guy"?) lists Hendrix's misheard lyric among the most misheard of all time (right up there with CCR's "there's a bathroom on the right.")

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