Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers Day Gathering - I Was There

Here is a photo of my mother, Lillian Slutsky, taken at a gathering of my sister's house in Dix Hills, Long Island today.  Thankful, at age 88 she is in good health.  She has had some minor ailments like arthritis, but nothing major.  The longevity genes seem to run in her family since my grandmother lived to age 90.  Her brothers, my uncles, are age 91 and 85, respectively.  I picked her up in Forest Hills and drove her to my sister's home.  We had a barbeque with chicken, hot dogs and hambergers.  If you want to see the entire album (8 photos) please go to



Anonymous said...

Bruce, you have a wonderful family. God bless your Mom. I hope everyone enjoyed this special day.

Dave DuBrow

phoenixellen said...

This is terrific, Bruce. I printed a copy to bring to my mom next week when I see her. She was thrilled to hear I had heard from you. Please give your mom a huge hug from us. Ellen Dule Torge

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