Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ending Relationships

Relationships (non-romantic) can end abruptly or they  just fade away whether they are virtual or real.  Sometimes two people can have an argument which leads to an abrupt end of the relationship. Other times you just see each other less and less often and then finally never.  Two people can work at the same organization and be very close.  When one leaves, the two keep in touch for a while, and then eventually not at all.  I remember being very friendly with Mike when we were both students at City College until we graduated in 1972.  I kept in touch with him until 1976 when I moved to Connecticut.  In 1998 I was sitting on a plane to Washington, DC and he walked passed me.  I didn’t say anything.  What do you say to someone you haven’t seen in over 20 years.  When I lived in New Jersey I was very friendly with Jay.  We met in 1975 and even kept in touch when  I moved to Connecticut.  We exchanged letters (no e-mail in those days) and phone calls quite regularly and even vacationed together in 1977 in Cape Cod.  In 1978 we had an argument and our friendship ended quite abruptly.  I’ll never forget the “Dear John Letter” I got from him that summer.  It turned out to be for the better.  I guess virtual relationships can end gradually or abruptly as well.


Anonymous said...

Bruce, you make some vaild points in your memo.

As often is the case, the olive branch has been extended. Now
it's time for the other person to step up and be heard. If this
doesn't happen, move on and try to forget it.

Dave DuBrow

Anonymous said...

Bruce, I definitely agree especially about the awkwardness after the relationship has ended.  Occasionally I see old classmates and I don't know what to do?  Am I suppose to strike up a conversation with them, say hi, or just walk on by?  

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