Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Crazy Dreams can be a wake up call

I guess nobody can control about what he dreams.  Very often the dream is very intense, but after you wake up you forget about it completely.  I have had many dreams about people that I haven't seen or thought about in many years.  I do have a recurring dream about New London/Groton, Connecticut.  To make a very long and painful story short I lived there in 1977-78 and things just didn't work out there and I moved back to Queens.  Every so often I dream about looking for an apartment there.  Other times I am apply for a job at the company where I worked at that time.  The end of the dream is a wake up call.  I am just grateful that I am not there.

I thought of a few Bob Dylan songs about dreams, bu they just don't apply here.

Bob Dylan's Dream

Bob Dylan's 115th Dream

Had a Dream About You Baby

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