Saturday, May 24, 2008

Panhandling at Intersections

A little earlier today Karen, Lee and I were on our way home from the park.  We stopped at a red light at the intersection of 20th Avenue and the Whiteston Expressway in northern Queens.  On the left side there was a poor woman with a sign saying that she needs money to feed her 5 children.  On the right side there were some teenagers in baseball uniforms asking for money so that their team can travel to San Diego.  First of all panhandling at intersections is dangerous.  Let's hope that there is never an accident.  I always avoid them especially on the subway since many are looking for money to buy drugs.  I do donate to legitimate charities.  But in this case, what is more important feeding a family or traveling to San Diego to play baseball?


Anonymous said...

Bruce, how do you know this woman has five children to feed? It could be a front for drug money.  People have been known to lie in order to obtain something.    

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Anonymous said...

Remember when NJIT sent me to ALA in San Francisco back in '99 or 2000?  Anyway, as I walking from hotel to hotel I noticed so many panhandlers I started scribbling down their messages in my notebook.  I enventually wrote a poem comprised entirely of these messages.  The title of the poem was Fathers Day because, well, it was Fathers Day that day.  If I ever decide to publish this poem (as if I could ever find it) do I need to get copyright permission from these people (smiley face)?

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