Sunday, May 11, 2008

I'm Not There on Mother's Day Morning

The gentleman in the picture above in Todd Haynes the producer of I'm Not There.  I bought the DVD on Tuesday, but I had to find a 2 1/2 hour block of time when we all could see the movie without interruptions.  I put on the DVD on at 8 AM.  The phone actually rang 4 times during that period, but I would not talk to anyone.  There is an option on the DVD to hear Todd Hayne's comments while the film is running. I will re-watch it in a few weeks with this option.  Later in the morning I spoke to my frugal friend Roy who said he bought it at J&R for $17.99 while I paid $2 more at Borders.  The Distinguished Professor also bought it at Borders.  I did notice some more details that I missed when I saw it in the theater,

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