Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mets lose to the Milwaukee Brewers 5-3

Today was our first game for the last season at Shea Stadium.  There was a good pitching matchup of Johann Santana against Ben Sheets.  The only highlight of the game was a home run by David Wright as the Mets lost 5-3.  The Distinguished Professor of Saturday Night Oldies was sat in out section.  We had a good conversation about tonight show which was prerecorded since Mark Simone had a speaking engagement.  We all received a Citifield cap.  For information about the game please go to:  Our next Met game is Saturday April 26.


Anonymous said...

If I am correct, this is the first time in quite sometime the Mets did not win when you and your family attended the game.  Whats going on here Bruce?

Anonymous said...

I believe the Distinguished Professor of Saturday Night Oldies can be found at the following internet address:

He has the rare honor of being choosen for the Photo File...4-13-08.

Anonymous said...

Saturday, April 26th game will start early (1 PM).
Fans will be home in time for Saturday Night Oldies at 6 PM.

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