Friday, April 18, 2008

Isiah Thomas is no longer Knicks Coach

This was a terrible season for the New York Knicks to say the least as they tied their worst record of 23-59.  They spent millions of dollars on player salaries and ended up big losers.  Isiah thomas wore two hats as Team President and Coach.  He certainly made some very bad trades and free agent signings.  A short time ago Donnie Walsh was made Team President.  Today Walsh relieved Isiah of his coaching duties while still remaining with the team in an unknown capacity.  What will Isiah do?  Will he just sit in his office and surf the Internet all day?  It seems that they will be paying him millions to do nothing. I would like to see Jeff Van Gundy return as coach.  There is speculation that former Knick player Mark Jackson could get the nod.  We'll have to wait and see.

I think MSG management made a mistake in announcing this today, since the Pope's visit to NYC was the big story in the media.  If they had waited until next Monday this situation would have gotten more coverage.

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Anonymous said...

What will Isiah do? The New York Times suggested sending him to Slovakia as a talent scout.

I work with someone who has a sign above his desk (likely a freebie from a New York tabloid) that screams FIRE ISIAH! Now he can change it to read FIREd ISIAH!

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