Friday, April 11, 2008

Paying a fee to pay taxes!! No Way!!!!

Do you ever get annoyed when you purchase tickets for a sporting event or concert and have to pay a hefty fee to Ticketmaster?  OK, Ticketmaster does provide a service since the only other way to get tickets is to go to the venue.  But, paying a fee to pay taxes?  No way!  Here is what happened.  Since I live in New York and work in New Jersey I must pay an estimated tax each quarter to NY.  At the end of the year I can deduct the NJ state tax from my NY State obligation.  For years, every quarter, I pay an estimated tax by simply filling out the proper form, affixing a postage stamp, and sending it in.  This year I was told that there is an electronic way of paying which makes it easier.  I was ready to pay my $1000 estimated tax to NY State tonight and found out that there is a $25 fee to pay online!  No way.  I just printed out the form and am mailing it in the old fashioned way.


Anonymous said...

Good for you, Bruce! It's time we stood up to the "MAN" and say enough!! I am sick and tired of endless fees and taxes. There is so much corruption in unions and other businesses it's sickening. I'm with you on this. The cost of a postage stamp (which by the way is also going up in May) is the way to go here.

I commend you for an excellent graphic along with your memo.

May I suggest a light cocktail before retiring to bed tonight? I have a feeling you will have an intense day tomorrow. I hope your team wins.

Anonymous said...

In the summer of '77 the NY Times had a full page ad:
Neil Diamond at Forest Hills Tennis Stadium --tickets on sale Monday morning!

When I got to the stadium on Monday, I (and others) found a sign on the box office window: Neil Diamond tickets sold only through Ticketron.
Bought them on Main St. Flushing -- with an added service charge per ticket.

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