Saturday, April 19, 2008

Multicultural Model Seder at NJIT

Thursday Night the NJIT Hillel held a mock seder.  I could not make it, but there were some photos taken and posted on Facebook.  As you can see above there were some Muslim women there.  It is nice to see that students are willing to learn of the cultures and rituals of their fellow students of different backgrounds.  Sadly, there is much hostility between Jews and Muslims in the world.  It is really nice to see a picture like this.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you! This is by far one of the greatest photographs ever taken. It is right up there with the First Thanksgiving dinner. A classic.

My wish is that the Washington Posts and New York Times of the world will show it on their front pages in a show of unity, rather than the daily shots of riots and violence from the Mideast and around the world. Kudos to those who organized it. Kudos to the photog who captured it on film. And thank you again, Bruce, for sharing it for all the world to see. Happy Passover to you and your family.

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