Monday, April 28, 2008

Research Movies and Save Money

I was looking at the list of movies for the Tribeca Film Festival and found the Zen of Bobby V.  It was about how former New York Mets manager Bobby Valentine is doing in Japan.  It is scheduled to play in a Union Square theater this Saturday afternoon.  The cost to buy three tickets online is $51.  I used my old friend Google to find some information about this movie.  It turns out that On Tuesday night May 13th it will be shown on ESPN2.  Why travel into Manhattan and pay $ when we can see it for free on TV 10 days later.

It pays to be information literate!

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Anonymous said...

Bruce, how right you are. Traditional movie theatres are going the way of the old 8-track tape. The movies are too expensive and so are the snacks. Unless it's a must-see film, I can wait. The great experience is gone.

These days, many people have their own home-theatre systems. In just a matter of a couple of months, nearly every new release will appear on DVD.  

I like the comfort of my home over a theatre where cellphones continually ring and talking from other viewers is annoying.

Dave DuBrow
The Journal

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