Sunday, April 27, 2008

Thank You Bob Shannon


I certainly don't have to have to introduce Bob Shannon to my radio enthusiast friends.  For others you can check his bio at .  To make a long story short he has been with WCBS-FM since the mid 1980s except for the 2 years that the dreaded Jack-FM was heard on 101.1 FM in New York.  During that period he was active on New York radio message boards.  He initiated and moderated a board titled Behind the Hits where avid oldies enthusiasts talked about their favorite songs and artists.  Today Bob announced that he is stepping down as board moderator.  I must assume that his reasons are personal.  I do not  start rumors on my journal.  I do thank Bob for the time and effort he spent moderating that board and wish him well in his future endeavors as a radio personality.  My fondest memory of Bob was that Lee's birth was announced on his show in 1988.

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Anonymous said...

Bruce, this is a very nice tribute to Bob Shannon. I could not have written a better one myself. Thank you.

Dave DuBrow

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