Saturday, October 15, 2022

Thoughts on the 17th Anniversary of Bruce's Journal


On October 15, 2005, I started Bruce's Journal and kept going.  It started as an AOL blog, but it transitioned into a Google blog when AOL discontinued that service.  For $10/year I purchased the domain that I must renew every year.  I wish I could purchase it in perpetuity so that when I pass away, hopefully, many years from now, my thoughts will be preserved on the Internet.  I am approaching 4600 entries with about 1,100,000 hits.  I question that number as I think many of them are from robots.  By the way, the song above Seventeen by Boyd Bennett seen above was used in 1989 when WCBS-FM celebrated its 17th year as an oldies station.

The major topics include:
  • Bob Dylan
  • The New York Mets
  • Other Baseball Issues
  • Oldies and Classic Rock
  • Family issues (I try not to be too personal here)
  • Strange experiences
  • Movies
  • Old Friends (I usually just write the first name)
I am usually careful as anyone can read my blog.  I read that a couple of people were fired after they wrote articles critical of the police department.  I once got into trouble with a pompous professor from Texas.

I usually write off the top of my head, but my best articles in my opinion were

I never know who reads the blog regularly,  Nick from Long Beach, California is one, but people usually want to surf the web anonymously.

I hope I can keep writing for another 17 years when I will be 90 years old.

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