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Bruce and Karen (October 16, 1983 - February 16, 2021) Remembering the Good Times - Her Memory is a Blessing


In August 1980, Arlene, a colleague of mine at a pharmaceutical company, asked if I’d like to meet her sister-in-law who lived nearby me in Queens.  I felt I had nothing to lose and phoned Karen and made a date.  We went to an ice dancing show at the Nassau Coliseum.  After the date, we went back to her apartment and talked.  I noted a knick-knack with the zodiac sign of Taurus.  She said her birthday was April 22 while mine was April 21, but six years apart.  I never heard the end of that in all the years that I knew her.  I phoned her for a second date which I think was a movie.  We found out that we liked oldies music, especially the Beatles.  I didn’t bring up Bob Dylan at that time.  After that, she invited me to her house to listen to her Beatles records.  We were also into oldies radio and listened to WYNY and WCBS-FM.  She was also a big fan of the Mets.

The relationship grew, but I was always afraid that marriage will kill all the fun.  In October 1982 we became engaged.  It must have been the worst proposal as I told her a few days before that I got the ring and that I will propose on Saturday night.

We were married on October 16, 1983, at the Old Westbury Hebrew Congregation.  For our first year we lived on 99th Street in Rego Park.  A year later her father remarried and moved to the Bronx and later to Florida.  We then moved into the co-op she co-owned with her father in the Mitchell_Linden section of Flushing.  We have lived there ever since.

After 4 years of marriage, we thought it was time to start a family.  Lee was born in March 1988.  Having a child is a wonderful thing, but also creates stress.  As Lee got older we realized he was developmentally disabled and was in special education programs.  We always did the best for him.  He developed a taste for oldies music and Bob Dylan.  In April 1997 we took Lee to his first Bob Dylan concert at William Patterson University in Wayne, NJ.  He has gone to every Dylan concert since that time.

The highlights of our marriage were our baseball/music vacations.  In 2006, 2007, and 2010 we went on Jay Buckley baseball tours.  We flew to Chicago and took a bus to visit several ballparks in the Midwest.  At a game in Milwaukee Karen got a foul ball that landed in her seat.

Here are some of the vacations we took:

1998, 2008 – Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and Cleveland Indians

2003 – Memphis to visit Graceland.  We also took in a Memphis Redbirds Game

2005 – San Francisco to see the Giants and Oakland A’s

2011 – Southern California to see L.A. Dodgers, Angels, and several museums

2012 – Baltimore to see the Orioles at Camden Yards

2013 – Atlanta to see the Braves and several museums

2004, 2014 – Nashville to visit the Grand Ole Opry, Johnny Cash Museum and a Nashville Sounds Game

2016 – Denver to see the Colorado Rockies

2017 – Houston to see the Astros at Minute Maid Park

2018 – Phoenix to see the Arizona Diamondbacks and several museums.

2019 – Seattle to see the Mariners, Space Needle and other attraction

Our favorite activity at home which is watching Quiz Shows on TV.  Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune are our favorites, but we also watch GSN and the Buzzer Network. 

I’ll conclude be saying that the Beatles’ music was featured at our wedding.  Karen picked the wedding song that was Endless Love by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie. 


Unknown said...

Wonderful tribute, Bruce. My condolences.
Terry Morgan

Unknown said...

A beautiful love story as told by beautiful words for a beautiful lady. I only met Karen a few times but, I could instantly see she was beautiful and kind to all that came in contact with her. RIP Karen you will be missed. Bruce and Lee our hearts and big hugs go out to you both. We send strength and love to you both at this time of sorrow. Be well and know we are here for you both. Love, Bob and Snoopy

Borislaw said...

Bruce, this is a lovely tribute to your wife, to the both of you as a couple and to your love for her. May Karen Rest In Peace and you be consoled by your ever lasting memories of your time together.


Chuck Hildebrandt said...

I'm saddened by your loss, Bruce. Take care.

Susan said...

Beautiful story, Bruce. I will miss Karen. She was a nice friend. You and Lee take care, and stay well.

Susan said...

Beautiful story, Bruce. I will miss Karen. She was a very nice friend. You and Lee take care, and stay well.

JackSullivan said...

You were both blessed to have each other. A perfect pairing of shared interest and unconditional love and respect. Thank you Bruce for sharing personal experiences of your life with Karen. - Jack Sullivan

Ann@njit said...

I’m sorry for your loss of Karen. Thanks for sharing a wonderful and rare love story. You are blessed to have such wonderful life with Karen that was filled with love and friendship. Ann

Connie Coan said...

I'm saddened by your loss, Bruce. May your heart and soul find peace and comfort

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