Friday, October 28, 2022

Scott Shannon will Retire from WCBS-FM in December


Scott Shannon has been an influence for many years on New York radio since he arrived in 1983 to startup Z-100 as a contemporary hits station.  He later moved to WPLJ where he rebranded it as "Mojo Rado" to compete with Z-100.  He stayed there until 2014 when he was released by the station.  Shortly after that, he was hired to do the morning show at WCBS-FM.  That station hoped that Scott would lure listeners away from Z-100 and WPLJ.  It seemed to work as WCBS-FM consistently gets very high ratings.

I stopped listening to WCBS-FM in 2005 when they changed to the dreaded Jack format.  After two years management realized they made a mistake, adopted the Classic hits format, and avoided the word "oldies".  As the years passed WCBS-FM dropped 60s music and played predominantly hits from the 80s.

I rarely listen to Scott Shannon's morning show as I disliked the Morning Zoo style of AM drive radio.  I prefer a music-intensive show with minimal traffic, weather, and news with no celebrity gossip.

I guess Scott was tired of waking up at 3 AM for his show beginning at 6 AM.  At 75 years old he deserves to cut down on his workload.  He will still host the syndicated show America's Greatest Hits which is heard Sunday mornings on WCBS-FM from 7 AM - 11 AM.  Likewise, he will continue to host the True Oldies Channel which is heard on 101.1 HD-3 in NYC and is streamed over the internet.

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