Thursday, October 13, 2022

Remembering Oldies Diva Andrea Weiner

Andrea with Broadway Bill Lee and Pat St. John
Photo was taken by Bill Dillane in 2008

Yesterday it was announced on Facebook that Andrea Weiner passed away on September 24.  She certainly was oldies radio enthusiast extraordinaire.  She had to be one of WCBS-FM's greatest listeners when it played the hits of the '50s '60s and '70s.  I remember hearing her phoning the DJs many times.  She had an extraordinary knowledge of the artists and songs of that era.  She regularly went to concerts and came to a few of the oldies meet and greets at Ben's Deli in Manhattan.

I first knew about Andrea in the early '90s when she came to the opening of a Genovese Drug store in Whitestone, Queens hosted by Bob Shannon.  She traveled by public transportation from Brooklyn to Northern Queens to see Bob.  In the mid-1990s Prodigy was a popular online service that had radio message boards.  She posted quite often and had many conversations with the late Vic Monachelli.  She later appeared on the New York Radio Message Board, Oldies Board, and Radiodiscussions.

My condolences to her close friends and family,


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