Monday, October 10, 2022

In a Short Series Anything Can Happen


By now everyone knows that the Mets lost last night to the San Diego Padres 6-0 and lost the Wild Card Series 2-1.  The Mets were hot in April and May as they led the NL East by 10 ½ games on June 1.  The Atlanta Braves were even hotter during the last four months and tied the Mets with 101 victories but won the NL East since they defeated the Amazins in the season series. 

In 2021 the Braves finished the regular 89-73 but won the World Series defeating teams with better records over 162 games.  Thus, in a short series, anything can happen.  This is what happened as the Mets cooled off in the last half of the season and couldn't beat the Padres.

 We will have to wait until after the World Series for the Hot Stove League to begin.  The Mets have many free agents. Who will stay with the team and who will go elsewhere?  I didn’t realize that there were so many players who could leave to sign with another team.  I think owner Steve Cohen will open up his wallet and sign most of them. He wants to win the World Series. Is Jacob deGrom worth $40 Million since he is so injury-prone?  If many 2022 Mets move to other teams, who will the Mets acquire through free-agent signings or trades? 

Let’s watch the rest of the playoffs and World Series and worry about that later.


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