Sunday, October 23, 2022

Random Thought of the Day

  • I don't like to read speculative articles by sports journalists.  The playoffs and World Series are not yet over, and they are speculating on free-agency signings.  As soon as the Yankees are eliminated, they will speculate on whether Aaron Boone or Brian Cashman will be fired.
  • I just can't even think of basketball or hockey until the World Series is over.  At that point, I'll have to think about what tickets I should buy.  I looked at the Ranger's schedule and noted that tickets cost at least $167.
  • I haven't been to a Broadway show in years.  I'll have to check the listings and decide which ones to see.
  • The response for the Oldies Meet and Greet is low.  It is still three weeks away and often people don't want to commit until a few days before.  I suspect that many women are afraid to travel to Manhattan on public transportation.
  • It is terrible that too many crazy people have access to knives and guns.  If I had my way I would repeal or modify the Second Amendment to the constitution.  That will never happen.  Likewise, the Electoral College will not be abolished.


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