Monday, October 24, 2022

The Yankees Lost to the Houston Astros 4 Games to None - Now the Speculation Begins


The Houston Astros beat the Yankees 6-5 in Game Four of the ALCS to complete a sweep.  The Yankees were very hot early in the season but did not play well after the All-Star break.  They eked out a 3-2 victory over the Cleveland Guardians in the ALDS but were soundly beaten by the Astros.  The Philadelphia Phillies won only 87 games in the regular season but got hot at the right time and are now in the World Series.

I regularly read the Athletic and articles from and the sports writers are already speculating on what will happen in the off-season.  On article gives five teams that could sign Aaron Judge.  I think that these speculative articles should wait until after the World Series ends.

The World Series is scheduled to begin on Friday, October 28th, and would end on November 5th if it went to seven games.  I suggest that the World Series begin this Wednesday, October 26.  Some marginal fans may lose interest over a four-day gap.  It is known that the TV ratings for the World Series have declined recently,

I will get ready to watch basketball, hockey and football.

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