Monday, August 1, 2022

Traveling to Tulsa after Hearing About Flight Delays and Cancellations

In May 2019 before I went to Tulsa for the World of Bob Dylan Symposium there was anxiety since there were heavy rains and flooding in the area.  Everything worked out as I had no problems with travel.  This year was aware of numerous flight delays and cancellations in the country as the airlines had staffing problems.  We arrived at LaGuardia Airport two hours before the scheduled time and sat at the gate.  We were advised that the plane would be late arriving since it came from Miami where there were morning thunderstorms.  The plane left one hour late and arrived in Dallas where we had to make connections late. Since the airport in Dallas is so large, we had to take a train to get from one terminal to another to make connections.  Fortunately, we arrived 20 minutes before our connecting flight started to board. There were absolutely no problems on the way home


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