Monday, August 8, 2022

There is a Plan to Reconstruct NY Penn Station, but it Will Be Several Years Too Late for Me


For 25 years as I commuted from Flushing to Newark, I had to stop at Penn Station to change for New Jersey Transit.  During rush hours it was usually crowded as seen in the photo above.  I especially hated the Seventh Avenue entrance to New Jersey Transit which was poorly designed.  It was especially difficult for reverse commuters who had to go against the flow.

Governor Kathy Hochul's plan calls for replacing the current cramped Penn Station with a 250,000-square-foot, single-level facility. It will be easier to navigate and have more room for passenger circulation. It will feature a new, light-filled train hall that would be the size of both Moynihan Train Hall and Grand Central Terminal’s main concourses if combined.

More details.  No target date is given for the completion of this endeavor.  It is obviously many years too late for me as I retired in December 2017.

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