Monday, August 1, 2022

My Thoughts on the Bob Dylan Center

I felt like a kid in a candy store.  I went through each exhibit very slowly and listened to every recording that was available.  On day #1 I concentrated on the first floor while on the second day I viewed the exhibits on the second floor in great detail.  I thought about visiting an art museum but decided against it since I would have to take a cab there and back to my hotel which was within walking distance of the Dylan Center.  On the third day, I viewed a few exhibits that I missed and did an overview of everything else.  I spent 14 hours over the three days there.

I could not tell if the visitors were locals or tourists like myself who made a special trip to Tulsa to see the Center.  I spoke to one young man who came from Chicago.  I observed some visitors who appeared to view the museum in a cursory manner.  I don't know if the Center will appeal to casual Dylan fans who may be overwhelmed.  I don't know if the Dylan Center will attract tourists from afar.  I am certain the diehard Dylan fans are likely to come regardless of the cost.

There are archives that are only open to Dylan scholars and must be seen by appointment.

Most museums have permanent and temporary exhibits.  I assume that different exhibits will eventually come to the second floor.


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