Saturday, August 20, 2022

Today is National Radio Day

I have been a radio enthusiast since the 1960s when I regularly listened to Top 40 radio on WABC and WMCA.  As the years went on, I moved over to FM and regularly listened to WYNY when it was an Adult Contemporary station and WCBS-FM when it played the hits of the 60s and 70s.  For several years I collected and traded radio airchecks from all over the USA.

Certainly, radio broadcasting has changed over the years.  Now WCBS-FM plays mostly music from the 80s which does not appeal to me.  They are trying to reach a younger audience who grew up on the music of that era.  The only two FM stations that I listen to regularly are WBGO and WFUV.  I am sustaining members of both as I support them financially.

I do subscribe to SiriusXM and listen to several music stations in my car and online at home.  I also listen to Pop Gold Radio and Rewound Radio which are excellent oldies stations on the internet.

The radio above is a Sangean HD radio that I own.  HD radio did not go over with the listening public I think because the range of HD2 and HD3 stations are limited.  Some of those stations play formats not heard on regular FM stations.  WNEW-FM-HD2 airs smooth jazz once heard on CD101.9.  When Audacy dropped country music on 94.7 FM they moved it to 94.7-HD2.

Happy Radio Day!


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