Saturday, August 20, 2022

I hope My Most Popular Tweet Was Not Misunderstood

Since October 2007 I have posted 9165 Tweets, most of which have received few if any retweets or likes.  On August 18th I posted:

I just heard on the August 1 Inside Jeopardy Podcast that the producers are thinking about a tournament with all librarians.

I specifically included my source and that the producers are thinking about holding such a tournament.  In two days this tweet received 32 retweets and 232 likes.  I assume that most are from librarians who want to become contestants on Jeopardy.

Please understand that this librarian's tournament is not definite.  The "Powers that Be" at Jeopardy can reject this idea completely or table it.  It may not happen for another few years.  I think it is a good idea as Jeopardy has held tournaments with teachers for many years.

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