Thursday, August 8, 2019

Dan Taylor Uses Social Media to Say Farewell to His Listeners

About a month ago Dan Taylor abruptly left WCBS-FM after many years at the station.  He worked in New York radio for about 40 years including stints at WHN, WNBC, WMXV, and WNSR.  I listened to him for many years when he did the morning drive show at WCBS-FM.  In 2014 he was moved to the 10 AM - 3 PM slot.

I actually met Dan at the CBS Radio Expo at Yankee Stadium in 2010.  That same year I named him one of my 3 favorite morning radio personalities in this Journal.

Radio is often a tough business as on the air personalities are often let go and not given a chance to say goodbye to their listeners.  It is rare when someone retires and is allowed to give a farewell show.  A few days ago Dan said farewell to his listener on Facebook and Twitter ,  It is a shame that moves are made to attract younger listeners.  I used to be an avid listener of WCBS-FM, but I hardly listen to it any longer since I don't enjoy their current music mix.  They don't want 70-year olds like me anyway.

Everyone certainly wishes Dan well in his future endeavors in radio or in other areas.

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