Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Welcome Back Ruben Tejada to the Mets - You Deserve a Standing Ovation

Ruben Tejada was an infielder for the Mets from 2010-2015.  In the 2015 National League Division Series against the Dodgers his leg was broken by a dirty slide by that creep Chase Utley.  Sadly, after that time Ruben never played for the Mets.  He briefly played for the Cardinals, Giants, and Orioles and was signed to a minor league contract to the Mets this season.

Last night Jeff McNeil injured his hamstring and was put on the 10-day injury list.  Ruben Tejada was recalled from AAA Syracuse to take his place on the roster. He is in the starting lineup in the game at Atlanta. A little justice has been served with his return to the Mets.  Let's hope he does well in his time back on the big club.  In any event, he deserves a standing ovation when he returns to Citi Field since he literally took a hit for the team.

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