Tuesday, August 20, 2019

On My Bookshelf - More Baseball and Dylan

I just received this book about an hour ago for my Amazon Kindle. One can save money by buying new books on the Kindle.  The print version of the above book is $28.95 while I spent only $9.99 for the e-book.  Print books are often heavy and difficult to schlep around.  It is written by Louie Kemp who knew Dylan as a kid.  I'll start reading it today.

This is another book that I bought for the Kindle.  It is an autobiography of former baseball commissioner Bud Selig who discusses how baseball has changed over the years. It will certainly evolve even more in the years to come.  Baseball is too much of a business and there is too much reliance on analytics.

I obtained this 6-year old book from the Queens Library.  It wasn't at the local Mitchell-Linden branch, so I arranged to have it sent there.  There are various chapters on Jews who were players or executives in major league baseball.  I don't have to read the entire book.

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