Saturday, June 26, 2010

CBS Radio Expo at Yankee Stadium

As you can see Mr. Lee did meet Mr. G at the CBS Radio Expo at Yankee Stadium today. His dad wasn't the greatest photographer since Lee's head was cut off. For readers of Bruce's Journal who are not radio enthusiasts CBS owns the following NYC stations:
  • 92.3 Now
  • Fresh 102.7
  • WFAN
  • WCBS Newsradio 880
  • WINS

Each station had a kiosk with its personalities there to meet listeners. The entire WCBS-FM on the air staff was there:

  • Dan Taylor
  • Mr. G
  • Bob Shannon
  • Broadway Bill Lee
  • Ron Parker
  • Joe Causi
  • Sue O'Neal

Many of my radio friends were there including:

  • Alan Berman
  • Mary Shaw
  • Linda Cohen
  • Amy Auerbach
  • Andrea Wiener
  • Gary Fishbein
  • Jerry Gillespie

It is certainly safe to say that the WCBS-FM radio personalities appreciate the support of their listeners. Photos are on my Facebook profile or they can be seen at

The biggest attraction had to be the athletes who were there to give autographs. The line must have been a mile long by the WFAN kiosk. I was never an autograph hound. Some of the athletes included:

  • Dwight Gooden
  • Darryl Strawberry
  • Luis Tiant
  • Mark Gastineau

There were a few miniconcerts. We saw one by Eddie Money who was introduced by the WCBS-FM team.

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