Sunday, August 11, 2019

I Met Vinny Varadarajan of Sports Jeopardy Fame at Citi Field

Back in 2015/16, there was a show on CrackleTV called Sports Jeopardy that was based on regular Jeopardy and featured Dan Patrick as the host. Vinny Varadarajan who graduated from NJIT in 2011 was a big winner.  Back then I contacted him and we have kept in touch through Facebook and Twitter.  I found out that he and a friend were going on a mini baseball tour through the northeast and would be at today's game at Citi Field.

I stopped by his seat in the 6th inning and we discussed NJIT, the Mets, and his appearance on Sports Jeopardy.  I really hope that he will eventually appear on regular Jeopardy.  His 15 victories on the sports version exceeded all contestants.  Perhaps, if he makes it to the regular show he will give Ken Jennings and James Holzhauer a run at their records.

Good Luck Vinny!

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