Thursday, June 14, 2012

Trying to Amuse Myself While Commuting

It is very important to spend commuting time in a positive way.  If you drive to work, all you can do is listen to the radio and watch the road.  You obviously do not text message while driving.  There are obviously more options when taking public transportation:

  • Reading - I must have read hundreds of books, newspapers and magazines over the years.  My regular reading materials include:
    • The New York Times
    • New York Magazine
    • Sports Illustrated
    • Rolling Stone
    • Chemical and Engineering News
    • Scientific American
    • Discover
    • Goldmine
  • Listening to music via various devices
    • AM/FM walkman with a tape player (I still have one)
    • CD player with a radio
    • iPod Nano with a radio
    • iPhone
    • Insignia portable HD radio
  • Looking for regular commuters - I think I need to explain this method of amusement.  Many people including myself follow a strict schedule as they will leave their home or their job at the same time every day.  Each day I keep my eye open for some of my regulars on the bus to Main Street, #7 line, New Jersey Transit, or the Newark Light Rail. Some people I have seen for years, while most come and go.  I assume that I stop seeing them because their schedule changes or they leave their jobs. Let me describe some of them:
    • The "odd couple" - The husband has a shaved head while the wife appears to be conservative
    • The "Verizon man" - This gentleman wears his company ID.  Some time ago I wrote a journal entry about how he got a summons for walking between subway cars
    • The man with the Nike baseball cap who meets a young heavy set woman at Newark Penn Station
    • There are 4 blind men who regularly take the Newark Light rail
    • "Renee Zellweiger" - This young lady looks like the actress.  She disappeared for about 8 months, but reappeared about a week ago
    • The young girl from Prudential.  About 8 months ago, she was about 8 months pregnant and I thought she would be a stay at home mom.  I saw her today.
    • There are many others who I name after people they resemble.  There seems to be an unwritten rule that strangers don't converse on public transportation.
I have a three day weekend coming up, so I don't have to worry about amusing myself on public transportation until Monday.

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