Thursday, June 28, 2012

More Random Thoughts

My Three Sons was one of my favorite TV shows while growing up.  It actually ran on network TV from 1960-172 and was rerun on Nick at Nite's TVLand in the 1980s.  Don Grady who played Robbie just passed away at age 68.

Here is a Beatle's trivia question.  Besides the Fab Four who starred in A Hard Day's Night, Help, and Magical Mystery Tour?  The answer is Victor Spinetti who recently died at age 82.

I m glad that the U.S. Supreme Court approved of the Obama healthcare plan.  Lee is able to be on my medical plan until he is 26.

In Boston radio station WODS at 103.3 FM changed format from classic hits to Top 40.  I listened to Barry Scott's Lost 45s on that station. It looks like the big radio executives just want their stations to appeal to a younger audience.

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