Saturday, June 16, 2012

Random Thoughts of the Day

Right now I am listening to Tell it Like it is by Aaron Neville on Sirius 60s on 6.  This is one good oldie that doesn't get much play on terrestrial radio.

I can tell that my mother is in relatively good health since she kept complaining that Lee needs a haircut.  As soon as we arrived home he took a walk to the barber shop.  Marc, the barber, said that I have very good hair.  It's nice to know that.

I watched part of the Yankees 14 inning game against the Washington Nationals.  This is the first game they have won all season without hitting a home run.

We will likely see the movie Rock of Ages tomorrow.  We saw the Broadway show a few years ago.  There are soundtrack albums for both the show and the movie.

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