Thursday, June 7, 2012

Random Thoughts of the Day

The God it's Thursday.  I can say that for the next 10 weeks since we have Friday's off at NJIT until late August.  For several years now the school closes on Friday to save energy.  The university administration stated that $200,000/year is saved.

For about a year the library lets students and faculty borrow iPads.  Since the library is very slow over the summer, I was given an iPad until the middle of August.  This will give me a chance to experiment with it to judge if I should buy one for myself.

The Mets are selling reprints of the ticket to Johann Santana's no-hitter.  It seems they are trying to cash in on this event.  They are selling reprints of the ticket for $50.  If there is a buck to be made, someone will try to make it.  I think they should take the proceeds and give it back to Madoff's victims.

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