Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mets 5 Cardinals 0

The Mets were on a roll as they beat the St. Louis Cardinals 5-0.  R.A. Dickey was superb as he shut out the Cards on 7 hits.  I could not expect two no hitters in a row.  The Mets are now 4-0 when I have been at the game this season.  Maybe, I should buy tickets for all remaining home games.

Game Recap

The Mets announced there will be No Han t-shirts available starting Monday for $32 to celebrate the no hitter. If there is always a buck in it for somebody.

Mike Baxter is going on the disabled list after he displaced his right collarbone where it meets his sternum and tore cartilage on the right side of his ribcage after plowing into the wall just after making a catch to sustain Santana's no-hitter.  Reliever Ramon Ramirez injured his hamstring during the celebration after the game.  These players have to learn to control themselves while they are celebrating.

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