Sunday, June 3, 2012

Remembering Richard Dawson and Family Feud

I found out today that Richard Dawson just passed away at the age of 79.  I will refer my readers to the article in the Los Angeles Times for more information about him.  I remember when I was between jobs in the summer of 1976 first watching his version of the Family Feud.  I always enjoyed games shows and the Family Feud was no exception.  According to the Encyclopedia of TV Games shows he hosted the show from  1976-85.  He was always very funny in his role as host.  After a while though his "schtick" of kissing the woman contestants got somewhat boring.  The show made an encore in 1988 with Ray Combs as the new host.  Richard subsequently returned, but without kissing on the show.  He earlier had a role in Hogan's Heroes.

Over the years my son Lee developed  an interest in the show as the reruns were shown on the Game Show Network.  There were many subsequent hosts including:

  • Louis Anderson
  • John O'Hurley
  • Richard Karn
  • Steve Harvey
There is a syndicated version that is seen on My9 in NYC, while reruns are still seen on the Game Show Network.

Rest in Peace Richard

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