Monday, January 30, 2012

Proposed Bill to Ban Eating on the NYC Subway is Foolish

It was reported on the news yesterday that State Senator Bill Perkins of Manhattan is proposing a bill that would forbid eating on the subway.  There would be a $250 fine for anyone caught.  I sent the following e-mail to Senator Perkins:

Senator Perkins:

Common sense and courtesy do go a long way in this world.  I think it is OK to have a snack on a subway, but not a full meal.  Will someone try to eat a full meal on a crowded subway car? I have rarely if ever seen that. I think the police on the MTA have so many more important things to do than to look for  people eating. It would be very difficult to enforce. There is still a constant threat of terrorism, and the police look out for that that rather than people eating on the subway.

The reason for this proposed ban is to stop rats in the subway.   I don't feel that food brought into the subway is the main cause of rats in the subway.  I think it is the fact the MTA often neglects to pick up the garbage.  I have rarely seen someone trying to eat a meal in the subways as seen above.  Certainly most people do have the common sense not to do that.  It is more common on a commuter train when riders are more apart from each other.  There are many vendors in the subway system who sell snacks who would likely lose much business.  I would rather the police look out for terrorists and serious crime.

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