Friday, January 27, 2012

Please Support WBGO and/or WFUV

Regular readers of Bruce’s Journal have seen me suggest that radio listeners donate to their favorite not for profit radio station(s). Today WBGO and WFUV are having pledge drives. I donated to WFUV in the Fall and gave my yearly donation to WBGO today. A poster on the Radio-Info board questioned the advisability of fund drives in January since many are paying off their bills from Christmas shopping. Both of these fine radio stations offer programming not found on commercial stations.

Today WBGO is also broadcasting on a HD2 channel. It is the same jazz programming on their parent station. There are so few HD radios out there so I presume that 88.3 HD2 will have very few listeners. I do suggest they provide another format such as blues or Latin jazz on the subchannel.

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Cephas Bowles said...

Please listen to the HD2 stream. The music showcases emerging talent and is one of the few places in the world to hear jazz played by young, and older, artists. This is the music coming out of the garages and college Schools of Music. Enjoy.

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