Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dave Leach - the Next Jeopardy Superstar

Until 2003 or so Jeopardy had a rule that a contestant could only win 5 games in a row.  I believe that this rule may have been a consequence of the quiz scandals of the 1950s.  A bigger winner would  inevitably attract more viewers to the show.  Back then some contestants were given answers before the show so they would win and generate higher ratings.

In this day and age security on game shows is extremely tight, so those scandals could never happen again.  Today Dave Leach of Atlanta won his 6th game following Jason Keller who won 9 games.  I believe that this is the first time there have been two 5+ winners in a row since the rule was changed.  I always look forward to the next Tournament of Champions when the big winners go against each other.

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