Sunday, January 29, 2012

A comment about 60 Minutes

I have been a big fan of 60 Minutes since the show's inception in 1968.  I don't watch every show or  segment, but over the years it has been one of my favorite news shows.  It is annoying to turn on CBS at 6:55 and find out that a football game is still in progress.  OK, I'll watch the end of an out of town game and wait till 7:15 or so for the start of 60 Minutes.  Very often CBS will switch to another game still in progress.  They will not start 60 Minutes until all 4 PM games are completed which could be as late at 7:45.

Today, I turned on CBS at 6:55 while a golf tournament was playing an extra hole because of a tie at the end of regulation play.  I was pleasantly surprised when the announcer said that on the east coast the golf tournament will be seen on the Golf Channel while 60 Minutes will begin at its regular time on CBS.  I doubt that this will happen during football season.

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