Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Will be Watching the Knicks on TNT Tonight

The money grubbers at Madison Square Garden have not yet come to an agreement with Time Warner Cable to carry the Knicks, Rangers, Devils, and Islanders.  It seems that MSG has enough money to pay for TV and newspaper ads trashing Time Warner and encouraging their customers to change providers.

My friend Alan Berman sent me a video from Fox 5 News showing a tour of the renovations of the Garden.  Most of these improvements provide amenities that can be only afforded by wealthy fans.  The average fan can no longer afford tickets to the games.  It is obvious that the creeps at Cablevision who own the Garden now want Time Warner subscribers to pay for these expensive renovations.

I have been a fan of the Knicks for over 50 years and am disappointed in the ownership for snubbing their noses at the loyal fans who don't have big bucks.  Meanwhile MSG is losing 25% of their subscribers.  Let's hope that both sides will come to their senses and come to a settlement.

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