Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hey Madison Square Garden and Time Warner - Let's Cool It

The dispute between Madison Square Garden and Time Warner Cable over licensing fees is now two weeks old. It is a lose-lose situation for both multi-billion dollar companies and sports fans. It was bad enough that there was a lockout in the NBA that delayed the start of the season for almost 2 months. I was only able to watch Knick games for a week when MSG was taken off my Time Warner Cable system. Thus, I have lost interest in pro basketball. I refuse to pay $225 for 3 tickets to sit in the upper deck of the Garden. My cable TV fees and ticket prices will be going to provide luxuries in the Garden for the wealthy fans. I also don’t like the way that MSG is buying print and electronic advertisements suggesting people change their cable TV provider.

How long is this going to go on? Perhaps the two parties should hire a mediator to suggest a fair settlement. In the meantime I have watch sports on other networks including ESPN, TNT, SNY, and NBC Sports.

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