Saturday, July 2, 2011

Yankees 5 Mets 2 at Citifield

Since we bought a 6-pack of tickets this season we are entitled to on Subway Series game.  Today the Yankees dominated by beating the slumping Mets 5-2.  The Mets were really hot by scoring 52 runs in 4 games, but have cooled off by losing 3 in a row.  One advantage of watching a game on TV is knowing what happens when a player comes out of a game.  Jose Reyes left the game after 2 innings and was replaced by Ruben Tejada.  No announcement was made on the scoreboard or public address system.  Since I had my iPhone I was able to check Twitter to see that Reye's hamstring and tightened as was taken out of the game as a precaution.  Edwin Nunez with two doubles and a home run was the hitting star for the Yankees.  It will be dificult to take him out of the lineup when Derek Jeter is ready to return.


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